Delete Bufas


What is Bufas

Bufas is a ransomware-type virus that was first discovered in mid-May 2019 by security researcher Michael Gillespie. The cybercriminals behind this threat are focusing on money extortion by locking user files with .Bufas file extension (typically AES encryption is used in STOP/Djvu family, although researchers also spotted some variants using different ciphers) and demanding ransom to be paid for the decryption tool.

The size of the ransom is $980, although crooks also offer a discount of 50% if they are contacted via, or @datarestore Telegram account within 72 hours after the initial infection. Victims affected by Bufas ransomware can see this information compiled in a text document _readme.txt, which is populated into each of the affected data folders.


Delete Amazon Assistant


What is Amazon Assistant

Amazon Assistant iS not technically a virus, the key dilemma lies in its security. The application causes browsinG and privacy related problems.

Amazon Assistant is a plugin designed for a variety of Browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and others. It can be downloaded from the official site, as well as multiple official stores, such as Microsoft, Google Pay, or App store. Nevertheless, many users discovered the extension without remembering the installation – it is because the app can also be distributed in software bundles, and users rarely check the Advanced section to remove Amazon Assistant before it enters the computer unnoticed. For that reason, it can also be classified as a potentially unwanted program.


How to delete this


What is this

On this day I hacked your OS scam is the email messages claiming to have the access to your accounts and threatening you to pay the ransom.

On this day i hacked your OS is the email scam that tricks people into transferring payments to avoid their details leaked. this email message aims to scare victims by telling that users’ Computer is hacked and the account can be deleted if the demanded amount is not paid in time. Scammers require payment in Bitcoin to their account or information captured from your device, that even includes webcam shots, get send to your colleagues or friends. Various samples of this scam demanded up to $760 in Bitcoin, but you may encounter a different version.


MapsGalaxy Removal


What is MapsGalaxy

How does MapsGalaxy works

Is MapsGalaxy Toolbar safe to download? 28/07/17 1

Maps Galaxy is a questionable browser extension that allegedly helps users get around with the help of maps, directions, street views, etc. Nevertheless, the app can infiltrate the system without your approval and soon after that initiate suspicious activity related to redirects to sponsored websites, intrusive advertisements, and slow downs on each of web browsers. MapsGalaxy is set to control victim’S search results, alter the homepage, the default search engine and similar system settings. The program was created by Mindspark Interactive Network, a New-York-based developer, which is also responsible for TaxCenterNow, My Forms Finder, and GetPoliticalNews browser hijackers.


Mac Tonic Removal Guide


What is Mac Tonic

Mac Tonic virus is a fake system optimization tool designed for Mac operating systems. While thousands of such utility tools exist, most of them have one trait in common – they show fake scan results in order to make users purchase a full version of the program, which consequently leads to money loss, although benefits the Indian-based developer.

While Mac Tonic can be downloaded on its official website – mactonicnet, most of the users noticed the application performing scans out of nowhere – they do not recall installing it. This is because the developers often use software bundles to propagate the app worldwide. Additionally, Mac Tonic virus is also distributed with the help of fake Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Shockwave updates – an activity which is typical to many dangerous adware programs (Advanced Mac Cleaner, for example), as well as malware.


Delete Maftask


What is Maftask

Maftask is an executable that runs a questionable system tool Mac Auto Fixer. It can be found in this location: /Users/test/Library/Application Support/maf/ and keep on forcing notifications from the rogue app to appear on your screen. We can say that Maftask virus is almost the same as Mac Auto Fixer as the suspicious optimization software could not be launched without this executable. Such content travels by using deceptive techniques and appears on the machine unknowingly. There is no reason for keeping the questionable system program as it does not fulfill its functions, so better get rid of it together with the executable. Some users have already been wondering how to get rid of the suspicious process, and we are here to help.


Occamy.C Removal


What is Occamy.C

Occamy.C is the virus that can steal banking credentials or passwords to various accounts from victims and sold this data to scammers later on. Occamy.C is the trojan that can be set to steal passwords or even spy on the victim. This malware is designed to stealthily infiltrate the computer and remain silently running in the background. This is why there are no visible symptoms, and the threat can run on the machine for a long time before the user can even notice anything. A trojan is a very devastating malware that can corrupt files on your computer or even cause system errors, and damage files on the hard drive.


How to remove IGAMI ransomware


What is IGAMI ransomware

IGAMI ransomware is the malicious software that gets spread through payload carriers incorporated on documents as email attachments. This is the software created by cybercriminals that fixate on stealing profit. IGAMI ransomware is the harmful software that hails from GlobeImposter 2.0 virus and sends fine ask on a tool window. The fine quantity can differ from 1 to even 10 Bitcoins, based on previous located variations in this ransomware classification. The request is shown right after the encoding and in the ransom message, in this situation, a utility window titled how_to_back_files.html. According to the note, cybercriminals assign the specific amount of cryptocurrency i.e. the financial value of the decryption utility to every victim. Even if malware creators advise sending one catalog for test decryption along with the exceptional ID key, paying or contacting these kinds of cyber crook may end up in lost income or for good impaired statistics. Keep away from contacting these kinds of fraudulent users.


How to delete


What is advertising-supported program is the potentially unneeded tool that touches Android mobile machines and PC people in bundles with aggressive advert content. is the advertisement-supported-category cyber malware that touches internet browsers and worsens the efficiency overall. According to people internet, the unwanted application leads to disruptions on Android mobile operating systems and sensitive machines. The the biggest number of noticeable characteristic of such a software is the on the internet traffic diverting operate. This page is the consequences of a cyber parasite intended for the goal of increasing profit for the maker. Constant routing to such pages or pop-ups with ad content suggest that operating system or mobile operating system is threatened by the likely undesirable software.