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Pokemon Go Removal


What is Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go virus is a type of dangerous cyber threat that inifltrates users’ Android Devices when they are trying to download the unofficial version of the mega-popular Pokemon Go video game published by Niantic, Inc. As evident, the malicious version of the game has nothing to do with the original one, as it is safe to use and play.

How does Pokemon Go works

Fake Pokemon Go application… 20/07/16 1

Nevertheless, cybercriminals are often abusing the most popular titles and, due to the gaming industry becoming one of the leading among entertainment sectors, bad actors are looking for ways to infect players with malware. However, Pokemon Go is not the only hacking victim, as titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends are widely abused by cybercriminals.


Amazon Removal


What is Amazon

Amazon virus is a set of scams and boGus email messages that use social engineering to make users install malware or disclose their personal information to threat actors.

Amazon virus is a term used to describe scams that spread as fake messages on social media, dangerous sites, or malicious emails. The set of phishing messages usually offer attractive and expensive prizes (such as Amazon gift card, iPhone, PlayStation or Samsung Galaxy phone) or try to convince users that they need to update their banking information on Amazon spoofing account.


Critical Chrome Update Removal


What is Critical Chrome Update

Critical Chrome Update is the scam that displays fake alerts about the needed browser or system updates and this way tricks people into installing other possibly malicious programs to the computer. If you are constantly redirected and such pop-ups go to your screen repeatedly, you should be aware that this is an indication about the potentially unwanted program running on the system. Nevertheless, these pop-up messages can cause and mean more than commercial content delivery.


How to delete Netflix


What is Netflix

Netflix virus is a wide term used to describe various malware forms that include the name of the well-known Netflix movie-watchinG website. Users worldwide are loGging into this application numerous times per day which gives criminals good conditions to target a wide range of society. Netflix malware includes different types of threats such as scams, ad-supported content, even a Trojan horse and ransomware virus. All of these infections can cause less or more damaging consequences, however, if you ever spot one of these viruses on your computer system, you need to get rid of it immediately.


How to remove Google


What is Google

Google virus is a set of computer infections that uses the name of the legitimate company in order to proliferate malware onto victims’ devices

Google virus is a set of computer infections and scams that use Google’S name in order to steal personal user data, trick into installing malicious software, or spend money on useless programs. Of course, the malicious actors have nothing to do with Google, which probably the best-known company in the world, employing almost 100k employees. Nevertheless, the massive corporation sometimes slips too by failing to block phishing links or letting in malicious apps into Chrome store or Google Play.


Delete TrojanDownloader.VBS.Agent


What is TrojanDownloader.VBS.Agent

TrojanDownloader.VBS.Agent is a malicious VBScript that is present in a variety of hacked or specially crafted websites. Once executed, the malware is capable of executing arbitrary code commands, which may allow threat actors to remotely control the infected machine, install other viruses, or steal personal information of the victim.

TrojanDownloader:VBS/Agent virus targets a critical CVE-2006-0003 vulnerability that is found within RDS.Dataspace ActiveX environment, a flaw that was patched by Microsoft with the MS06-014 security update. Therefore, users who fail to update their systems are the most likely to get infected by the malware.


Rayban Instagram Removal


What is Rayban Instagram

Rayban Instagram virus is a tricky scam that takes users to malware-laden sources by making them believe that they are landing on (the official website of this product). This type of scam is mostly a result of malware and usually ends up displaying fake discounts for Ray-Ban sunglasses on the main page of users’ Instagram accounts. However, security researchers think that such activity is performed to swindle credential information and financial data from people.


Delete Pirate Chick VPN


What is Pirate Chick VPN

Pirate Chick VPN virus is a fake VPN software that connects to the remote server immediately after infiltration, to download and install malicious payloads. It is known to distribute password stealing AZORult trojan on the system. People believe the claims that this is a legitimate VPN software and downloads the tool from its official website. Also, developers promote this utility on advertisements and even delivers the program via software bundles. However, the purpose of Pirate Chick VPN is to install additional malware on the system.





VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT is the program causing pop-up alerts with the statement that computer is blocked due to infection. Users get encouraged to call the toll-free number to receive help. However, this is a technical support scam that pretends to be a real notification from Microsoft, so an alert is delivered by scammers who are trying to convince their victims that their computers will be blocked if they won’T contact Microsoft support to solve this issue.