How to remove GetFormsOnline


What is GetFormsOnline

How does GetFormsOnline works

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GetFormsOnline is a browser hijacker which offers fast access to popular networks and free printable forms to attract a big number of users. In reality, this program is not malicious at all – it is a legitimate application. However, it seems that users are not quite satisfied with how it works. If you are looking for specific printable forms, you might want to search the web rather than install this browser add-on, because it will change your homepage and new tab page, making MyWay search engine appear on your screen each time you open your browser. If you do not fancy changing your homepage, it is better to avoid installing this toolbar. Besides, this application can collect certain information about you, including information that you willingly provide, and automatically captured information.


How to remove Driver Tonic


What is Driver Tonic

Driver Tonic is an unreliable utility which supposedly cleans invalid registries and updates system drivers. This program is similar to Mac Tonic, Win Tonic, and other products developed by PC Tonics Inc. Despite the attractive description on the official website, users report about never-ending notifications about outdated registries. Even though it might seem insignificant, the only way to use all of the offered software features and stop the alerts is to purchase Driver Tonic activation code. Keep in mind that the developers who promote such app just seak to gain as much income as possible from all the payments that users make in order to get the elevated variant and “fix†system problems. You can check your system with a reputable antivirus program and will supposedly see that no similar errors are lurking on your machine.

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What is is a website redirects to are triggered by adware – an ad-supported software that usually sneaks into machines unnoticed

Bodelen is adware associated threat that might get into your computer during the installation of adware or freeware. These potentially unwanted programs change the way Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, or any other installed browser operates by altering its settings.

The main goal of Bodelen adware is to continually expose you intrusive pop-ups, in-text links, banners, deals, offers and other promotional content, redirect to suspicious websites, display alternative search results, record and track data about your browsing habits, and even make you install unsafe applications by showing fake tech support scam messages.

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What is is the potentially unwanted program that is promoted as the high-experience Internet search engine Unfortunately, there is nothing useful or pleasant about this virus. The program has been actively promoted as a better alternative to your default search engine and the application which is ready to help you “find something interesting.†However, in reality, it is just another untrustworthy search site which has been added to “browser hijackers†category. Beware that this program has been actively promoting questionable security programs by showing people fake scanners and virus-related notifications.




What is is a potEntially unwanted program (PUP) that enters machines without users noticing and performs a variety of changes to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, or any other installed browsers. While it is unlikely that the homepage and new tab would be changed, web browsers remain affected and display pop-ups, banners, flashing windows, deals, offers, in-text links, and other intrusive commercial content. For that reason, users struggle to find relevant information, and the operation of the browser deteriorates over time.




What is

Traffic Media is a suspicious application that has been created to push advertising-based content. This app can hardly be compared with ransomware viruses, data miners, trojans, and similar threats. However, no matter that it is not interested in your personal files, nor it aims to mess up your system, so why do the virus experts still deem this program potentially unwanted? There is no single answer since there are numerous aspects that allow categorizing this program as undesirable. It encourages users to use their provided services for advertising purposes. However, if you decide to do so, there is a big chance that you will be receiving a big number of notifications supported by Traffic Media pop-up.


MapsFrontier Removal


What is MapsFrontier

How does MapsFrontier works

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Maps Frontier is a browser extension for Google Chrome and other browsers. It is promoted as an app capable of helping users with directions, traffic information, transit routes, and similar data. Unfortunately, it is also an ad-supported software which fills users’ Browsers with advertisements and secretly collects their search data. This sponsored content helps developers to increase traffic to less known websites, earning them money in return. Nevertheless, users are left in-between, as they have to continually deal with banners, offers, deals, coupons and other pop-ups which may even hinder content of legitimate websites.


Delete Fuerboos


What is Fuerboos

Fuerboos trojan is a generic name used by Windows Defender’S machine learning technology to describe malware that has not been encountered before. The detection can indicate the infection of ransomware, a backdoor, botnet, banking trojan, or a cryptominer. Depending on the type of infection, these malicious programs might have different goals, including money extortion, sensitive information harvesting, spying, proliferating another malware, etc.

Nevertheless, because Trojan:Win32/Fuerboos is a heuristic detection, it can also indicate a false positive, as it happens with similar detections, such as Win32/Heri, IDP.Generic, and many others. Users said that legitimate tools like ArangoDB, WinZip, as well as Blizzard’S video game Diablo II.


How to delete yG ransomware


What is yG ransomware

yG ransomware is the cryptovirus that tries to seem trustworthy, so offers test decryption for proving that. Unfortunately, victims that decide to pay the demanded ransom have only a week to do so, after that, ransomware will get rid of the needed decryption keys. This information is stated in the ransom note that appears on the screen after the initial encryption process. As usual for other Dharma ransomware versions, the message comes in the form of program window named with the email address. This is only one of many versions in the virus family recently discovered by Jakub Kroustek, one of the malware researchers who reports about this cryptovirus family almost daily.